Our services

Our services

SPOLAK advokátní kancelář s.r.o. is the market leader in the Liberec region in providing legal advice, as its full service programme, which not only includes advice and traditional client representation, but also closer cooperation with them, allows them to ensure their stability and development. The individual partial fields of law where we operate may be defined as follows:

Corporate law

Business law and law of business corporations and associations, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), due diligence.

Assistance in dealing with business corporations and associations from the moment they choose their form and set the internal structure, to changes in statutory bodies and the disposition of business shares in companies. Our law firm clients currently also include holdings and companies in the automotive industry, which it helps to structure the individual activities of their subsidiaries. We are ready to perform legal audits of entities, business & legal relations, business documents and to assess their risk rate.

Real estate law

Cadastral law, developer projects, construction law

We provide a legal “full service” during the purchase and sale of real estate including attorney’s custody. The law firm represents its clients in construction proceedings to approve large projects and building constructions. It assists housing cooperatives in the transfer of apartments to personal ownership and in the establishment of apartment owner associations. We provide legal services to management and real estate agencies or landlords. We assist in implementing developer projects, where in addition to long-term cooperation with already renowned developer companies, we also provide legal and other support for start-up or completely new entities.

Criminal law

Advice in the field of criminal law

Comprehensive defence in criminal proceedings, representation of damaged entities, assertion of claims for damages in adhesion proceedings, activities within tort proceedings and all related activities, including preparation and execution of all filings to law enforcement authorities, proceedings on conditional release from imprisonment, proceedings for conditional early release, etc.

Labour law

Labour law consulting

Assistance in executing and concluding employment contracts, issuing of internal employer regulations, employment rules and other labour law documents. Legal assistance in changing and terminating employment relationships. Assistance in collective bargaining and in other areas of labour law agenda.

Municipal and healthcare law

Municipal and city law and legal advice in the field of healthcare law

Legal regulation of the position of municipalities and other regional self-governing units, consultancy provided to organisational units of municipalities (allowance organisations and other organisations). Furthermore, comprehensive legal advice in the field of healthcare law, especially healthcare facilities, implementation of transfers of healthcare facilities, preparation and modification of medical documentation.

Receivables, execution, insolvency

Receivables management, execution proceedings from the point of view of both the creditor and the debtor, insolvency proceedings

Arranging for recovery of receivables using a sophisticated recovery system, which includes actions starting with a qualified reminder before a court action, up to representation of creditors in insolvency; electronic monitoring of disputes, risk assessment, assistance during the sale or purchase of receivables; Spolak Client Service with the possibility of real-time viewing of files and status of cases before courts and with executors, access to the central register of executions. Representation of clients in insolvency proceedings, including participation in creditor bodies and representation in incidental disputes. Execution proceedings for clients are conducted exclusively with the contractual and long-term cooperating enforcement authorities.